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SEO Tools for Finding Competitors Keywords

Why are SEO keywords important?

A keyword planner is used to find the necessary keywords which a customer or a user might search in their google search. Keywords are words that are typed into a search bar by the general public.

SEO tool for Finding Competitor Keyword
SEO Tool for Finding Competitor Keyword
These SEO keyword research tools allow you to optimize your website more easily.

This is because you need to have the essential tools to do SEO.

SEO isn’t merely watching two videos on YouTube and now you are a pro.

It takes time, effort, and intent to actually know how to optimize your website, articles, and even videos for SEO.

But fear not, because SEO tools are available to help beginners learn and utilize their knowledge in this area.

Here is an SEO tools list to help you find competitor keywords, this will help you understand their strategy and in turn apply it to your websites.

1. Semrush

Through this SEO tool, you can analyze a competitor by analyzing their keyword profile and for which intent they use those keywords.

This is an innovative SEO tool amongst the best SEO tools list. This is because if you know the intent behind something, then it gets easier to do it. The same is the case with popular SEO keywords.

If you know the intent of a user, then it gets easier to rank your content using that popular SEO keyword.

This website is all about finding out about your competitors and getting better than them. You can find out their organic traffic, and especially their bounce rate.

This is important to understand, so first let’s consider what the bounce rate is.
It means the number of people who left their website immediately after clicking on it.

Of course, this mostly means that they didn’t find what they were looking for on your competitor’s page. Thus you can even find competitor keywords through this site and see where your site falls short in comparison to your competitors.

You can even find your competitor’s keywords intent, and how many rankings they are gaining from their keywords. Isn’t this site absolutely amazing for a website that struggles to get to the top ranking?

All work of art is imitation, and it is the best form of flattery. So find what is working for your competitors, and how it is working for them, then apply it on your website, and boom.

You are on the top of google searches and even on the front page of google.

2. Ahrefs

This SEO keyword generator is an absolute favorite of content creators; it is hands down the best SEO tool. It has everything, including keyword research, blogs on writing SEO-friendly content, and SEO-ranking keywords.

Thus it has everything a beginner might need to enter this field of SEO. It is a vast field and there are different types of SEO.

It helps find popular SEO keywords and keywords in general. You can think of this site as the most reliable SEO keyword generator.

Ahref helps with On-page SEO and is a safe and reliable website to get your website to rank at the top. Ahref also helps with getting to compare your site with that of a competitor’s website.

It lets you know about your Off-page SEO and why a backlink was created for a website other than your trusted website.

Thus this is a valuable tool to assess your competitors without getting into trouble.
This site is also used as an SEO keyword generator, and it helps with finding popular SEO keywords.

It finds keywords by intent, and this is a unique thing about this website. This competitor keyword research tool gives an edge to content creators.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner
Google Keywords Planner is a site that lets you choose the right keywords. It might be used for Ads, but of course, it can be used for websites and On-page SEO.

It is the best SEO tool on the SEO tools list, and it works extremely well to get the results you want.
This SEO keyword research tool is mostly used by businesses looking to expand their reach. It can be used by website owners to find keywords that people use to search for their interests.

This competitor keyword research tool is an essential toolkit for content writers.

This keyword tool is used to find the keywords that put your website on top.

Some SEO keyword generators do not work and stuffing your site will all the applicable keywords doesn’t work.

If you want to narrow your scope down to a few high-intent keywords, then this keyword tool is the one you want.

Popular SEO keywords can be found on this site, as also how relevant they might be.

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