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What is Password Manager and How it Works

In this digital life, wherever you go to show your presence they ask you to make a account. It works like an ID card or a passport that let to go in that community.

What is Password Manager and How it Works
What is Password Manager and How it Works

These digital ID's have two important parts Username and a Password. Username is mostly your contact number or your name while the difficult thing is password because it's something that someone could not be able to guess.

According to a survey, in past 3 months nearly 78% people forget their password ( Via: digital information hub).

Why people forget their passwords

Why people Forget their Passwords
Why people Forget their Passwords

Before understanding why people forget their password we've to understand why they can't have passwords that are easy to remember. The answer is nothing but increasing cyber attacks so the sites ask you to create a complex password that you're most likely supposed to forget.

According to the 2019 Verizon Data report, 80% of data that is stolen is just because of weak passwords. So having simpler passwords isn't a fair choice

People forget their passwords for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons include using a password that is too difficult to remember, not using the password frequently and having multiple passwords for different accounts. Stress, Distraction and memory decline with age can also be factors for forgetting passwords.

If people are that much likely to forget their passwords why don't they store at a safe place like in the safes. You might do it but if you're outside your home and you need those passwords, what are you going to do then.

To solve that problem, developers have made software that'll completey remove your burden to remember passwords, named as password savers

What are Password Managers

According to a 2017 report a normal user has to remember nearly 191 passwords and remembering this much at a time is troubling for sure.

Keeping these problems in mind, new softwares is introduced that would eliminate this problem.

A password saver or a password manager, is a software program or app that is tailored to benefit users, by storing their security passwords, managing their login information for various online accounts.

What are Password Managers.
What are Password Managers.

Perks of having password savers is that you could access these from anywhere around the world, all you need is to have an internet connection. Wherever you have to use them, all you need is to open your desired sites and it'll fill the logins itself.

Experts explains how hard managing a password could be. How passwords are made easier to be guessed by computers and harder for humans.

How Password Manager works

Password savers don't save our passwords the way we do. They generate and store strong, unique passwords for each account, and can automatically fill in login fields on websites or apps.

They create their own encrypted passwords that make it hard not to crack for any hacker. They eliminate the hassle of having to remember multiple passwords.

Some password savers also include additional features such as two-factor authentication and the ability to share login information with others.

Advantages of using Password Managers

Password savers are proven surprisingly beneficial these days. There are several perks of using a password savers. 4 best advantages of using password savers are listed below:

Increased security

One of the main benefits of using a password saver is the increased security it provides. By using unique, strong passwords for each account, users reduce their risk of being hacked.

Additionally, many password savers use encryption to protect user data, so even if someone gains access to the device or account where the passwords are stored, they will not be able to read them.


Another advantage of password savers is convenience. With a password saver, users no longer have to remember multiple passwords. Instead, they can securely store all their login information in one place and easily access it when needed.

Time saving

Password savers are proven to be time savers too. As you don't have to enter the details everytime you want to order something. All you've to do is to open the site and rest will be done by the software itself in a matter of some seconds.

Overall, password savers are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their online security and make their digital life more convenient.

Types of password savers

There are several types of password savers depending on it's way of working, it's creation site and running abilities Four major types of password savers are mentioned below:

Types of Password Savers
Types of Password Savers

Browser-based password managers:

These are built into web browsers and allow users to store and automatically fill in login information for websites. They save your information as you put it somewhere and it's ready to access in further times.


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

Standalone password managers:

These are separate applications that can be installed on a computer or mobile device. They often include additional features such as password generation and the ability to store sensitive information like credit card numbers.


LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass.

Cloud-based password managers:

These managers store information by uploading it on their cloud. They store login information on remote servers, allowing users to access their passwords from any device with an internet connection.


iCloud Keychain, Google Smart Lock, Dropbox .

Hardware password managers:

These are physical devices that store login information and can be used to automatically fill in forms or log in to websites. They give the access on the basis of physical attributes like eye scanning and fingerprints.


YubiKey, Trezor, Ledger Nano S, IronKey.


Password savers are supremely helpful as it's a better way to never lose your passwords with no worries of them being stolen. It is important to note that using a password saver is highly recommended as it provides an extra layer of security and saves time in having to remember different passwords.

Furthermore, it's also important to use a reputable and well-established provider, and make sure to use a strong master password.

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