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Pros and Cons of Controlling Kids Social Media 

As 75% of teenagers own phones these days and most of them use social media. There's a strong chance that they might fall a trap to cyber threats that come along with social media.
It's always a necessity to have someone over watching kids to make sure they are safe from getting any harm. Best way is to have their parents give them some time and tell them how to utilize social media and what they should have in their minds while using social sites.

Digital technology refers to the use of electronic devices, computer software, and communication networks to process and transmit information.

Its impact can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives, from education and healthcare to entertainment and commerce.

With the rise of digital technology, parenting has also undergone significant changes, with new challenges and opportunities emerging for parents and children alike.


Parenting in The Age of Digital Technology

What is a common indicator of Phishing Attempt

What is a common indicator of Phishing Attempt

Protecting yourself from phishing attempts is essential to avoid falling victim to identity theft, financial loss, and other consequences.


Best Small Business Firewall

Discover the best small business firewalls to protect your network and sensitive data against cyber attacks which can act as a barrier

Smart Alarm System

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a user's files and demands payment in exchange for a decryption key


With the increasing reliance on Smartphones, its important to consider the security and vulnerabilities of these evolving technologies


Cyber Security Challenges and Issues

5 emerging challenges and issues of cybersecurity, so that you can protect your personal information


In the digital world, the threats are evolving everyday and becoming dynamic


Password savers are softwares that stores your passwords in an encrypted form 

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